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Car Recycling

Most Trusted Auto Recyclers Canberra

Is your car of no use to you anymore? It is the best time to sell it to Prime Cars Removal then since we are your reliable auto recyclers Canberra. We offer cash for old, junk and scrap vehicles because we recycle the components of these cars. Indeed, these parts are always in high demand and hence, we are always on the lookout for them. The advantage of this is that you can get top dollars by selling your car. So, wait no more. If you have a vehicle that is old, damaged or both, get rid of it by calling us now.Since we have more than 18 years of experience in car wrecking and removals, we are known to most in Canberra. Besides, we carry out auto recycling Canberra following the latest technologies to minimise the impact on the environment. So, if you are looking for responsible and climate-conscious professionals who manage car removals efficiently, we are here to serve you.

Old and Scrap Car Recycling Canberra

We recycle the components of both old and scrap cars. First, we inspect the condition of the internal parts since this is the most important step in the old and scrap car recycling process in Canberra. Then, depending on their wear and tear and overall functioning capability, we do the needful.We separate the components that are still in a working condition and dispose of the rest to obtain metal. We sell these parts to the owners of old cars who are struggling to find replacement parts, and the entire process is performed by our car recycling specialists in Canberra.

How We Stand Out in Car Recycling Canberra?

At Prime Cars Removal, we do things a bit differently. For this reason, our car recycling services in Canberra are admired by all. The prime focus of our service is
  • Recycling car parts from all vehicles of all brands and models
  • Offering top cash for the cars and performing same-day removals
  • Carrying out the car removal and wrecking using eco-friendly procedures
  • Preparing paperwork for the car selling process to save our client’s time
So, sell your car to us for good cash. We will recycle its parts to keep the car component ecosystem healthy.
Call Us for Recyclable Auto Parts
To get recycled auto parts for your vehicle or to sell your car, call us at Prime Cars Removal. We will listen to your requirements and fix an appointment.