Some Facts You Should Know Before Dialling Used Truck Buyers

Do you have an old truck at your garage of your Canberra warehouse that you want to dispose of for some cash? Well, that will be a smart move, needless to say. However, before you do so, here are some points you must know regarding old vehicles, as this knowledge will help you ascertain the cost of your old truck, vis-a-vis its condition, age, model and make when you look for the used truck buyers in Canberra.

You must bank on Aluminium

Statistics say, aluminium comes second after steel, as the most used metal in vehicles, regardless of their make and model. Hence, the amount of energy saved from recycling even a small amount of aluminium (say of a soda can) equates to the energy needed to light a bulb on a trot for 24 hours. Just imagine the amount of energy that can be acquired from all  the aluminium that the body of your old truck contains. So regardless of the condition of your truck, the amount of aluminium parts your truck, besides steel, is going to fetch you a handsome amount of cash from the providers of cash for trucks in Canberra. 

The steel can be recycled multiple times

Remember, aluminium comes second to steel in the list of the most valuable metal of a vehicle. The first is steel. That’s because steel can be recycled multiple times and that also without losing any of its structural integrity. In fact, steel happens to be the world’s most recycled material, which saves up to 60% or more energy. Thus, the size of your truck, which determines the amount of steel it has got in its body is going to be a strong determinant factor when it comes to deciding its scrap price by the company offering truck removals in Canberra.

Scrapping old vehicles saves lots of raw materials

When you scrap an old vehicle, it will save a huge amount of raw materials, which include limestone, iron ore and coal. So just imagine the amount of raw materials that will be saved when you scrap your truck. This itself shows how important old vehicle scrapping is. 

Ensure that the battery is recycled with utter caution

The batteries of your truck have to be recycled very carefully. Otherwise, they are going to cause serious health and environmental damage. That’s why, when it comes to recycling the batteries of your truck, a reputed service provider, offering truck removals in Canberra will use state of the art technology. When done efficiently, batteries can be recycled up to 98%, denoting that 98% of energy can be saved. This again shows how important scrapping and recycling of old  vehicles, including batteries is, to save the environment. 

Don’t omit the plastic content 

Your truck will also emit a lot of plastic content – in the interiors as well as exteriors, which can also be recycled as well. So they carry some price that adds to the scrap value. 

And then, the spare parts of the truck that can be recycled or refurbished come into the picture. But that’s a different story. 

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