What’s the Best Thing You Can do with a Totaled Car

What’s the Best Thing You Can do with a Totaled Car?

Accidental damage to your treasured car is frustrating both emotionally and economically. Moreover, the distress becomes double when insurance companies declare your possessed vehicle as ‘totaled’ or a total loss.  It indicates the accidental damage is beyond repairs, or the repair costs would exceed the actual value of your car. Car insurance companies indemnify against damages or loss to car but do not compensate for the repairing costs of a totaled car.

So what should be your take? In spite of keeping your totaled car idle in yard for months, you can wreck it against handsome cash for cars in Canberra. Yes, you read it right. Auto haulers remove accidental car in an eco-friendly manner and deliver instant cash right on spot.

How to Deal with a Totaled Car?

When an insurance company declares your car as totaled, you will be left with two options-either let the insurance company decide the actual value of your car or wreck your junk against quick cash for cars in Canberra. In the former case, the insurance company would pay you after deducting the salvage amount, whereas, in the latter, auto haulers would pay instant quick cash for accidental car the same day of car removal. Therefore, selling your junk to a car wrecking company is always wise to get a fair deal.

Things to Do Before Disposing Of Your Totaled Car

Selling a totaled car is possible and legal, but it’s essential to abide by the state laws and permits to make car selling fuss-free. Let’s have a close look at what car owners should do before selling a totaled car.

  • Ensure the Vehicle is Declared ‘Totaled’Before calling auto wreckers for accidental car pick up, contact the insurance company to examine the extent of damage and declare it as ‘totaled’ officially. However, do not to accept the value determined by them.
  • Ask for a Salvage CertificateComplete all the necessary paperwork and obtain documents from the insurance claim provider. Obtain a salvage certificate instead of the old car title to make car removal in Canberra quick and convenient.
  • Compare Quotes from Multiple CompaniesOnce you obtain the salvage certificate, search for top car wrecking companies and let them determine the value of your junk vehicle. Compare quotes from multiple auto haulers and sell your vehicle to the dealer who offers instant cash for cars in Canberra. However, some car wrecking companies charge for sending car to junkyard while others offer car removal absolutely for free. Discuss the terms and conditions in advance to avoid any hassle later regarding cash for unwanted cars in Canberra.

As a car owner, you would get a fair deal by wrecking your accidental car instead of seeking claim from an insurance company. Get in touch with Prime Cars Removal if you have a damaged car and want to dispose it off against handsome cash. Our skilled and certified auto haulers will arrive at your doorstep, inspect the in and out of your vehicle and remove your junk against lucrative payments. Additionally, we offer auto recycling and provide genuine car parts at reasonable rates. Speak to us or fill up our online form mentioning the details of your junk and get a free quote instantly!