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    Welcome to Prime Cars Removal
    After having spent over 18 years scraping industry, Prime Cars Removal is one the most acclaimed names, offering quick removal service of old, unused, scrap cars for some handsome, on-spot cash. Based in Canberra, we are extremely professional and transparent in approach and we always live up to our promise when it comes to paying for your old vehicle right on spot, regardless of its make and model, type, and condition. Our prompt towing service is FREE and we ensure eco-friendly recycling of scrap cars. We also deal with car parts.
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    Your Trusted Used and Unwanted Car Buyers in Canberra

    We are the most reliable used and unwanted car buyers in Canberra because we offer the right price for vehicles. Besides, we always keep our promises regarding the price, car removal, and paperwork preparation. Our clients feel comfortable in selling their vehicles to us since we make the entire purchase process simple. Also, when it comes to the determination of the price of your used or unwanted vehicle, we never cut corners. We take a thorough look at your vehicle, both the interior and the exterior, and then determine the price so that you get a good amount of money. This is indeed a quality that has kept us ahead of the other wreckers out there.

    Our clients place their trust in us because, as promised, we purchase cars of all models and brands. On top of that, our removal services are completely eco-friendly. That means you will never see your car being towed away, even when its fuel is leaking or if its components are falling off. We thoroughly inspect the vehicles that we are buying and take the necessary measures to minimise the impact on the environment. Apart from all of these, we hand over the cash for cars on the spot. This is in fact the No. 1 reason why our customers rely on us and admire us. So, if you are looking to sell your car to a responsible auto wrecker in Canberra that keeps its word, you are at the right place. Just book an appointment with us, and our wreckers will handle the selling and removal process methodically.

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    Do you want your old, junk car to be removed to avoid environmental hazards and to make way for the new car you are planning to purchase very soon?
    Do you want to simplify your car selling process? Join hands with Prime Cars Removal and get top-dollar cash for old cars in Canberra the same day!,
    Is your scrap car eating up a lot of space? Turn your old car into top-dollar cash by partnering with us. At Prime Cars Removal,