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A Brief Account of Eco Friendly Dismantling by Car Wreckers

Recycling junk cars is more than merely scrapping old vehicles. It is the best way to reduce waste and conserve natural resources. Recycling junk cars will go all the way to recover valuable materials like steel, copper, aluminium and various plastics so that they can be reused in various manufacturing industries, thereby reducing the need for virgin resourcing. Besides, it will also reduce the energy-intensive extraction processes that are associated with mining.

Recycling of the junk cars also helps prevent the hazardous substances as well as fluids like coolant, oil, battery acid, from getting into the landfills and polluting the environment. When you subject your car to recycling carried out by the car wreckers in Canberra, you actually conserve resources, reduce energy consumption and eliminate the chance of ecological footprint contribution of your car.

The Recycling Process

The recycling process of a car carried out by the wreckers of the experts of companies that offer cash for unwanted cars in Canberra generally involves several steps, with each of the steps aimed at salvaging the valuable spare parts & materials, while disposing the hazardous substances in a responsible and careful manner.

When your car ends up at the junkyard, it will at first go through a number of inspections as they will help determine the best and the safest steps to be taken. The redundant fluids such as oil, coolant, fuel, brake oil are carefully syphoned off and disposed of in a safe and eco friendly way. This is followed by a safe and careful salvation of the usable spare parts that are in fairly good condition. They may include the engine of the vehicle, the transmission system, the electronics and the like, which can be refurbished and resold at reduced price.

The rest of your vehicle, or the shell is then shredded and then crushed to facilitate the separation of the metals from the other various materials. The wreckers of the reputable companies that offer Cash For Junk Cars in Canberra would use magnets as well as specialised equipment for extraction of the ferro alloys and ferrous as well as non ferrous metals like steel and aluminium, copper respectively. Generally cutting edge sorting technology is used for this purpose.

Plastics as well as other recyclable materials are then also sorted as well as processed for the reuse. The objective of this process is to optimise the recovery of the valuable materials whilst minimising the wastage and eliminating the resultant environmental impact.

Environmental Advantages that Junk Car Recycling Carries

Recycling junk cars carries significant environmental advantages that can never be denied upon. Firstly, it will reduce the demand for the raw materials and will help conservation of the natural resources. It also reduces the need for energy-intensive manufacturing and mining.

Secondly, eco-friendly recycling by the Car Wreckers in Canberra will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Besides, recycling of junk cars will also prevent the release of a wide range of potentially harmful elements into the environment. For instance, controlled handling of the lead acid battery cells will thwart any likelihood of soil, waterway or groundwater contamination.

So if you are to sell off your junk car for wrecking, sell it off to a reputable and responsible wrecker with the competency and infrastructure of eco friendly wrecking.

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