Are You Selling a Junk Car to Wreckers? Take These 4 Steps Before That

If you are looking forward to selling off your junk car to auto wreckers? It is certainly a good idea, but you need to keep in mind a few things. You must take a few steps before having the car towed away by the wreckers. Taking these steps will only make the move more profitable and help you get the best price for your car. We discuss in this write-up the steps that you need to take before the wreckers arrive.

Remove anything that you may consider valuable

Before the auto wreckers in Canberra arrive you need to check the car carefully to see if you have by any chance, left any valuables or personal belongings. You must be careful at this and must never skip this step. If you by any chance leave anything behind there will be hardly any chance of getting it back once the wreckers tow your car away.

Also, it is good to grow the habit of not keeping any belongings in an unused car as there is a big chance of forgetting them subsequently and letting it go with the car.

See if there is any used fuel that will be of no use 

If your junk car has got remnants of fuel it will be of hardly any use. So there is no need to keep the fuel intact. Siphon it off and let the fuel be used in the car that you are using. However, do not forget to have it checked by an expert beforehand and filter it to get rid of the impurities it might have gathered. If you don’t, the experts offering junk car removal in Canberra will anyway remove the fuel along with any other fluid like brake oil, coolant, lubricants, and other fluids before towing the car off.

Discuss the price with the experts and accomplices

The reputed auto wreckers will pay you the price that you rightfully deserve for the car. Now, they will take into account the age of the car, make and model, and its condition. However, before you make a cold call to the experts who are into old car removals and pitch for the scrap car you must talk to your friends or relatives who have knowledge about the price of a junk car. This will help you to have an idea of the price that you should deserve for the car. In this way when the professionals offering scrap cars removal in Canberra offer a quote you can ascertain whether they are after all offering the price that you deserve.

Remove the Registration Plates

Once you hand over the scrap car for cash to these junk car removal experts along with the paperwork (whatever little it might be) the car does not belong to you anymore. So there is no need to retain the registration or the number plates. So have them removed.

And finally, keep all the needed documents handy before the auto wreckers in Canberra arrive so that the handover gets over quickly and you have your cash in your hand at the earliest.

So before you hire Prime Cars Removal you need to take these steps. One reason to turn to us for junk car removal if you are in and around Canberra is that we pay you the best price which may amount to up to $9,999 if your car deserves it! So please call us at 0452 262 880 or write and get a quote.