Can Junk or Scrap Vehicles Give Better Cash than Unwanted Cars?

At present, most wreckers purchase scrap and junk cars along with unwanted vehicles in Canberra. But as a seller, if you are wondering whether you can get better cash for junk and scrap cars compared to those that are unwanted, this discussion is for you. Here, we will take a look at what impacts the price of cars and whether you can at all get good money for the former compared to the latter.

  • Car Brand 

The brand of a vehicle matters when it comes to getting cash for scrap cars in Canberra. Even if the vehicle is non-functional, if the brand carries a reputation, you can expect good money. On the other hand, if you have an unwanted car that belongs to a not-so-popular brand, you might not get the desired price.

The reason why brand plays an important part is because recyclable components as well as metal from these cars are more precious, and they can be used to make newer models of the same brand.

  • Recyclable Components 

Even if you have an unwanted car that is in an average state, you might not get good money if the recyclable components are in bad shape. You need to know that car wreckers in Canberra are always on the lookout for vehicles that comprise components that can be recycled. These parts fetch a good price. So, even if your vehicle falls under the category of scrap or junk, you can expect top cash if wreckers find that the components can be recycled.

  • Flagged Vehicle

Though wreckers purchase accident-damaged cars, they will always try to avoid vehicles that are flagged. For instance, if you have a certain car that is unwanted since it was involved in a crime or multiple accidents and is entirely road-unworthy, you can expect a low price for it. Most importantly, you might not be able to sell the vehicle as well. On the other hand, wreckers give good cash for junk cars in Canberra if the vehicles are free of disputes.

  • Rare Vehicles 

Do you have a rare vehicle that is old and can now be categorised under junk or scrap? Rest assured that you will get good cash for them. On the other hand, if you have a plain unwanted car that is in good condition, you can hardly get good cash from it.

Rare vehicles are always in demand since they are hot favourites of car collectors. At the same time, their recyclables are in high demand. However, an unwanted car hardly carries that much value.

  • Ease of Removal

Lastly, you can get good cash for cars in Canberra provided that the vehicles are easy to remove.

If you have an unwanted vehicle that is difficult to tow and has little or no recyclable components, you cannot expect handsome cash. On the other hand, if you have junk or scrap cars that are easier to remove and have many recyclable components, you can expect good money.

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