Car Spare Parts that Scrap Car Removal Companies Recycle &amp_ Refurbish

Car Spare Parts that Scrap Car Removal Companies Recycle & Refurbish

One of the best ways to get rid of your old, unused car is to sell them off to a scrap car removal company of your location. For instance, if you are in and around Canberra, Prime Cars Removal should be the name to put stakes on. Firstly, we will help you see off your old car, and secondly and most importantly, we will get you a handsome amount of cash instantly. 

Companies like us will tow away your car instantly, dismantle and recycle it in an eco-friendly way so that the car does not contribute to the carbon footprint. However, there is a catch. Not the entire car is dismantled and recycled. There are certain components and spare parts of the cars that these companies, offering cash for scrap cars in Canberra like anywhere else, would refurbish and reuse. We do the same. Let us see that those spare parts are. 

The Engine Oil 

Engine oil can very well be recycled and refurbished. Well, it might be thinking what on earth old and unused engine oil will come good at, but frankly speaking, the engine oil never gets ‘spoiled’ or ‘goes off’ even if left unused. It can only get dirty. So the old, unused, left over engine can easily be filtered and used afresh. 

The Windscreen and the windows

It is pretty difficult to recycle the car windows and the windscreens as they are fixed between multiple layers of specialised plastic. Thus, if they are intact, they are recovered, cleaned and can act as replacement of shattered car windows and windscreen. However, thanks to the advent of new technology, they can also be recycled for production of glass bottles, different types of fiberglass insulations and a wide range of other everyday products. Thus, the car removal companies in Canberra and other places are extremely careful while dealing with windscreen and windows while towing away the scrap cars. 

The scrap metal 

Cars are amalgamation of a wide array of metal components that form the lion’s share of the vehicles’ total mass. Spare parts like handles, aluminium rims, axels, drums, are refurbished and reused, depending upon their condition. However, the ones that are in bad shape and beyond the scope of use are sold to scrap metal dealers who melt them down to recycle and reuse them. 

The Car Batteries

One of the most frequently recycled components of cars is the batteries. They can also turn up to be one of the most problematic components, if not recovered and refurbished properly. Car batteries contain various chemicals that are toxic enough to cause extensive damage to the environment as well as human and other livestocks, if not disposed of scientifically and correctly. That is why, the companies that are into removal of scrap cars in Canberra or elsewhere are so particular and careful in dealing with car batteries. 

The Tyres 

Reputable car removal companies pay extensive attention to the tyres while dealing with the scrap cars. They will recycle the tyres in a perfectly eco-friendly way, and reuse them appropriately. Properly recycled tyres can be turned into rubberized asphalt for the making of roads and pavements. They can also be used as crump chipping during the making of artificial surfaces. 

Thus you should always vouch for a reputed company like us while selling off your scrap car as we would put emphasis on recycling and refurbishing various spare parts in an eco-friendly way. Call us at 0452 262 880. Use phrases like “Sell My Car Canberra’ to find us online.