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How Is a Car Considered Written-off in Canberra like in the Rest of the Country?

As and when a car faces a mishap, it faces a number of outcomes. They all depend on the nature of the mishap and the impact it leaves on the car. In other words, the fate that the car awaits depends very much on whether the damage is major or minor.

In certain cases, when a vehicle is heavily damaged, it is considered written off. The term is also called ‘totaled’. Now the million-dollar question here is: what does it ask for a car to be considered ‘written-off’ in Canberra, like in the rest of Australia? Remember, once you get the verdict from the authorities, you can contact the wreckers who pay cash for accident cars in Canberra. But for that, you need to wait!

The Car is at first Assessed

Once the car meets an accident, a qualified assessor from an insurance company is dispatched to assess the damage to the car and how much it will cost to repair the damage. While doing so, these professionals will take into account the availability and cost of the replacement spare parts, and the age, model, and make of the vehicle. They will also assess if the structural damage suffered by the car would compromise the safety of passengers, even if the damages are repaired. The assessor will take note of all the information and pass it on to the insurance company.

The Damage is Ascertained in Terms of Percentage

If the cost of repairing the car reaches 50 to 70 percent of the total cost of the car itself, insurance companies generally declare the car to be ‘written off’ or ‘totaled’. In certain cases, the percentage of the repair cost may fall short of this threshold, but still, the car can be deemed written off. That’s because the repairs that are needed are considered either too risky or too expensive, and hence uneconomical. Once the insurance company gives its verdict it is up to the owner to decide when to call the car wreckers in Canberra for prompt removal of the useless car.

The Ultimate Decision

Remember, the right to deem a car ‘written off’ rests on the insurance company. The verdict should come from the insurance company, following the review of the report provided by the assessor. In a nutshell, the decision depends on the following points:

  • Typically, a car is written off when paying out the insured value, which is more affordable than the whole cost of repairs, including any supplemental expenditures like storage before and after repairs.
  •  At times, the repair might be less than the payout. Yet the car is still written off. That’s because the repairs are considered uneconomical and risky.
  • Also, the insurance company also takes the amount that can be recovered by selling the car for scrap. If so, the owner needs to immediately get in touch with the wreckers who pay cash for cars in Canberra

At times, write-offs are considered as a result of substantial structural or chassis damage, flooding, or burnout of a vehicle. However, one cannot claim his or her car as a write-off as the owner. The decision must come from the insurance provider.

However, the owner can always sell the old car to the wreckers regardless of whether or not the car is deemed ‘written off’. The car removal company will pay the price depending on the age and the condition of the car in that case.

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