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Things That Wreckers Look for Before Removing Cars From Properties

Removal of cars is not an extremely complicated job for professional wreckers. However, there are various things that they check before starting the towing process, and here, we will take a look at them. So, if you are in Canberra and want to get your car removed, this discussion should give you an idea. Based on it, you can also compile questions that you need to ask the wreckers before they tow away your car.

State of the Car

The first important thing that wreckers in Canberra will look for is the condition of your car. Doing so gives them an idea about how they should remove the vehicle without causing damage to your property as well as the surroundings.

Wreckers will check the outside surface as well as the internal components of your property to get a complete overview. And after they have done so, they will be able to figure out how they can remove the car from your property.

Age of the Car

Wreckers will analyse the age of your car before commencing the removal process. They will ask you about it and will do so since ageing affects the integrity of the components in cars. So, based on it, the towing process will be performed.

Typically, wreckers handle old cars with care since they are more delicate compared to newer cars.

Condition of Recyclable Components 

Not all components of your old or unwanted car can be recycled. However, car wreckers in Canberra will look for the ones that can be. This will help them tow your vehicle accordingly, ensuring that they remain in the right condition. On the other hand, the rest of your car will be sent to recyclers to obtain metal. All in all, your car is always valuable to wreckers.


The next important thing that the wreckers will look for before removing cars from properties is emissions.

Generally, old cars emit gases and other particles such as metal dust, rust and mould spores on surfaces. All of these can affect the environment as well as human health. So, before commencing the removal of cars, wreckers get rid of these from the vehicles. Even if this is a time-consuming task, they do so to keep their clients safe.

Documents Related to the Car

Typically, all professionals performing car removals in Canberra check documents of vehicles that they should be removing. This is an important step since the papers help in the verification process. Also, this needs to be done as per the local vehicle rules and regulations. Once the verification process is complete, the wreckers will start the towing process.

Accessing the Car

Wreckers will need to check the access points to perform safe towing. If your car is non-functional and lying in your garage or the backyard, they will need to bring it to the parking zone from where it can be safely towed.

All professional Canberra wreckers check these points to make the towing process convenient and time-saving.

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