What Do Car Wreckers Do With The Vehicle That They Have Purchased?

You might have already sold your car to a wrecker in Canberra for handsome cash and wondering what’s being done to the vehicle. If this question is frequently knocking on the doors of your thinking mind, this is the post that will give you a sneak peek of what the wreckers might be doing to your car. Yes, your good old vehicle is no longer in its usual shape, and neither will be. However, it might be serving others for good. Anyway, let us not keep you wondering anymore. In the following points, you will find more about what wreckers do with the cars that they buy.

  • Resale and Salvage

All car wreckers in Canberra salvage the components of cars that they buy, those that are no longer worthy of the road. These include parts such as transmissions, engines, suspensions, alternators, etc. They inspect the components for signs of wear and damage. If they find the parts to be in suitable condition, they clean and refurbish them to make them available for resale. This helps owners of old cars to obtain parts of cars at an affordable price.

  • Metal and Plastic Recycling

After the wreckers have purchased your car, they will separate the plastics and metals so that they can sell them for a good price. Typically, they send the metal components to the recyclers who recycle them to obtain fine steel and aluminium. They are then melted and used for the production of automotive components and other products. 

On the other hand, plastics are sent to recycling facilities where they are processed for the development of new plastic products.

  • Extraction of Fluid

After providing cash for unwanted cars in Canberra, the wreckers drain the fluids inside the vehicle. These comprise transmission fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, etc. 

Wreckers drain these fluids carefully and collect them while they are dismantling the car. After that, they send these fluids to their designated recycling centres. There, advanced technologies are used for reprocessing them so that they can be reused in other vehicles without affecting the environment.

  • Battery Recycling

Wreckers recycle the batteries of the cars that they have purchased since these components are high in demand. Besides, components such as cobalt, lithium, and nickel can be obtained from these batteries. Moreover, disassembling the batteries is easier and can also fetch a good price for which wreckers are always keen on recycling these batteries.

  • Disposing of Hazardous Materials 

After providing you with cash for cars in Canberra, wreckers carry the vehicles to the junkyards and dispose of the hazardous materials safely. These comprise lead, mercury, and asbestos. For safe disposal, they handle these substances attentively. This also helps prevent environmental contamination. 

So, these are a few things that the wreckers do with the cars that they purchase in Canberra. And now that you have got the idea, make sure you are hiring a professional company that can safely dispose of the unwanted parts of your car.

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